Pawprint Deli Box

What's In A Nibbler Box?

Each month, you'll get FIVE amazing packets of delicious treats chosen from our exciting range. There's a great variety from amazing British suppliers, all tried and tested by our three dogs.

Want to know what might be in your box this month? It will be five packets from the following selection:

2 x Porky Bites (or 1 x Large Porky Bite)
2 x Rabbit Ears
2 x Chicken Feet
2 x Goat Ears
3 x Lamb Spaghetti
1 x Pig Ear
2 x Meat Sticks (Kangaroo, Venison, Duck etc.)
3 x Large Fish Cubes
8 x Small Fish Cubes
1 x Fish Throw Stick
4 x Sprats (Fish)
50 x Fish Training Treats
9 x Bedtime Biscuits
2 x Capelin (Fish)
2 x Fish Skin Twirls
2 x Fish Skin Flatties
1 x Cat Fish Twirls
6 x White Fish & Potato Biscuits
6 x Salmon & Potato Biscuits
6 x Salmon & Seaweed Biscuits
6 x Salmon Cubes
3 x Pizzle Pieces
4 x Pig Ear Pieces

This incredible selection of treats will keep your dog interested all year round!

We may change the variety listed above from time to time, but you can be assured that we will always supply the best, most interesting and high quality treats we can get our paws on!