Pawprint Deli Box

We Listened

When we started Pawprint Deli back in April, we had a vision to deliver the best tasting, highest quality treats to your door every month. Once we knew that our hard-work, love and care was being well received, we could finally relax. Except, we didn't.

We've been working overtime behind-the-scenes to make the Pawprint Deli Box bigger and better than before, with more of the treats that you love, but the same excellent value for money. First, we needed to get feedback.

You told us that when you received your boxes, your dogs couldn't get enough of the treat packets. We heard that your dogs had favourite treat packets. We saw that your dogs were diving in to the boxes and pulling out treat packets because they smell so good! One thing was clear - even though we thought the large item that came in each box would be important to your dog, it simply wasn't. The treat packets were always the firm favourites. I'll explain how we've improved that in a moment.

One other thing we noticed was that the mystery of what would be in each box didn't reassure you as our customers. We started Pawprint Deli because we, as dog owners, didn't like how other subscription boxes operated. We thought it would be a good idea to keep you in suspense, ready to enjoy the surprise of what would be coming each month. Originally, we liked this concept, but when we looked at our values, we decided that it wasn't a good fit for us. Now - still keeping some of the mystery - we feel we've found a happy compromise.

Today, we're updating, and improving, the Pawprint Deli Box. Let us explain how it works.

From this point onwards, you won't get 5-6 packets of treats and 1 large item. Now, you'll get 9-10 amazing packets of delicious treats that we will pick from a much more exciting range of options. More variety from amazing British suppliers, and all tried and tested by our three dogs.

To remove the surprise element from every box - without stopping all of the mystery - we decided to show you everything that could arrive in a Pawprint Deli Box. You will get 9 packets from the following selection each month:

2 x Porky Bites (or 1 x Large Porky Bite)
2 x Rabbit Ears
2 x Chicken Feet
2 x Goat Ears
1 x Lily's Kitchen Food Tray
6 x Lamb Spaghetti
1 x Pig Ear
2 x Meat Sticks (Kangaroo, Venison, Salmon etc.)
3 x Large Fish Cubes
8 x Small Fish Cubes
1 x Fish Throw Stick
4 x Sprats (Fish)
50 x Fish Training Treats
9 x Bedtime Biscuits
4 x Fish Skin Trimmings
3 x Capelin (Fish)
2 x Short Fish Skin Twirls
9 x White Fish & Potato Biscuits
9 x Salmon & Potato Biscuits

Deli Box Exclusives

1 x Pig Tail
2 x Duck Feet
2 x Dried Liver (or 1 x Large Dried Liver)
2 x Herbal Dog Tea Bags
1 x Wolf Fish Throw Stick
2 x Sea Bass
2 x Squid Strips
2 x Fish Skin Flatties
6 x White Fish Cubes

That's more than double our original variety of treats!

As you can see, we're laying all our cards on the table. We're showing you everything that can arrive in your Pawprint Deli Box, but keeping some of the mystery, because you won't know which nine packets you'll be receiving each month.

We're sure you'll agree that this new, and improved, Pawprint Deli Box is a lot more interesting for your pup!

Size Matters

We received feedback that the Pawprint Deli Box was the perfect size for medium to large dogs (or two smaller dogs), but some people felt that the amount of treats each month would be too much for their little pooch. So, today, we're launching the Pawprint Deli Nibbler Box. The Nibbler Box has the same variety of treats as the Deli Box (except for the Deli Box Exclusives), and you'll receive 5 treat packets each month. Perfect for smaller dogs with great taste.

The same healthy products, just in a smaller package.

That's Not All

Some of the most common questions we got asked after we'd launched were whether we did Chicken Free, Fish-Only or Raw Feed options. The answer was always yes, but you had to drop us a message when you placed your order so that we would know your dog had specific dietary requirements. From today, we've made it easier to subscribe to the Pawprint Deli Box and Pawprint Deli Nibbler Box if you want Chicken Free, Fish-Only or Raw Feed options.

When you're on our home page, we've now added links underneath the Subscribe buttons for dogs with dietary requirements. You can still drop us a message if you have any questions or concerns!

The same great treat subscription boxes, with none of the guesswork.

One More Thing

Last, but not least, we have one more announcement.

We will be attending a number of events this year, up and down the country, to bring Pawprint Deli treats to a location near you. At the Pawprint Deli Marketplace, you'll be able to buy individual treat packets and treat jars filled with your dog's favourites.

We'll be announcing the dates and locations over the coming weeks as we bring in Marketplace Exclusives that we simply couldn't include in the Deli or Nibbler boxes. We've got some amazing snacks that we can't wait for your hounds to try!

Thank You

This is an exciting time for us as we launch the improved Pawprint Deli Box, the new Pawprint Deli Nibbler Box, diet-specific options for both boxes, and we don our finest dog-walking boots to bring the Pawprint Deli Marketplace to great dog events.

All of this wouldn't be possible without you, so thank you very much!

Tim and Caz x

24 June

Pawprint Deli Box